It is more than a mere movement, group, or cause. It is about informing, organizing, and motivating Christians around the world to persevere in prayer and advocacy in support of organizations already working on the frontlines of human rights issues. It is not exchanging a social cause for the gospel. It is emulating Christ in compassion for the poor and speaking out against injustice. It is acknowledging that any semblance of justice within the human heart exists only because God, the Creator and Originator of all justice, placed it there and graciously allows us to bear His image—broken as it may be—out into the world. It is recognizing that the news overwhelms us, our lives distract us, and our best intentions often elude us. Christian Advocacy Now is about coming together in our churches and communities for inspiration and accountability, so that we no longer wish there was something we could do about injustice, but rather get on with doing it now—because we should and we CAN!

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