January 2023 Action

As noted in the Prayer Items, Nigeria led the world in the highest number of abductions and murders of Christians, and trails only China in number of attacks on churches. Amid this increase in violence and persecution, the United States inexplicably took Nigeria off the list of Countries of Concern in 2021 and did not add them back in 2022. Write today requesting that the United States State Department add Nigeria back to the list, in light of the horrific track record of human rights abuses and atrocities in the country, and the Nigerian government’s inability or lack of will to effectively address the situation and protect its citizens.

Write to:

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken
2201 C St., NW
Washington, DC 20520

Suggested Points:

  • Express your deep concern and disappointment that Nigeria is no longer included on the State Department’s list of Countries of Concern.
  • Cite the facts that Nigeria has been reported as the world leader in highest number of abductions and murders of Christians.
  • Indicate that these kinds of attacks and atrocities go far beyond even the kinds of persecution that exist in other regions, and to remove Nigeria from the COC list is a serious blow to religious freedom in that country. And it sets a poor example for other nations who perpetrate or are indifferent to these abuses.
  • State that the Nigerian government has lacked the will to adequately address these atrocities at even the most basic level, and it is the moral and political responsibility of a powerful partner and example such as the United States to honestly and unflinchingly call out such flagrant human rights abuses.
  • Respectfully urge Secretary Blinken and the State Department to immediately return Nigeria to the COC list and have it remain there until effective action is taken to protect all of Nigeria’s citizens, regardless of religious faith.